We love burning incense in the mercer INTERIOR office and pausing on our sourcing trips to pass votives to each other, sticking our nose in them and exclaiming “You’ve got to smell this one!” We love small rituals and using scent to define as space. Lighting a candle when beginning work in a room that doubles as a guest room can be another way to tell our brains “You know that cue, it’s time to work!”

In our house, lighting candles also means we’re going to be entertaining soon. The candles in the entryway and sitting areas are a great non-verbal cue that tells our guests “Come on in!” and “We want you to gather here!”

As you might guess, we choose our candles and incense based on scent, packaging, and quality materials. Today we’re featuring companies creating scents that have ample presence, long burn times, and come in beautiful or simple containers.

Nightspace candles come in a handcrafted ceramic vessel with a lid thoughtfully designed to snuff your flame. Each scent’s lid is a different color and we have personal experience when we say these candles last a VERY long time!

J.M. Generals offers a variety of quality home goods and their candles are no exception. With deep scents and no-fuss containers, these are a great fit for a minimalist space.

Rituals Incense is clearly not a candle company, but when we walked in to the Minna store in Hudson, NY, we were immediately soothed by the scent of Mexican Copal (the cones on the left).  We can attest to the quality of the cones as being unparalleled and we love the simple and sustainable packaging.

Izola Candles are made with essential Oils, 100% Vegetable wax, and poured in to recycled glass containers and they’re manufactured in the USA!

Keap candles are made in Brooklyn with coconut wax and a glass container they will reuse if you send it back to them! They share 25% of their net profits with SolarAid. If all that weren’t enough, the Wood Cabin candle smells of a sexy mix of cedar and palo santo.

Got a candle company you’d love to share? comment below!

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