Photos by Emily Gilbert

Brooklyn mother of two, Nicki Pombier Berger, desired separate sacred spaces for herself and her children. mercer INTERIOR renovated her entire home including the Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Study.

In the kitchen we preserved the old hutch by stripping and painting it to match the new cabinets. The SMEG fridge and an apron-front sink for a modern farmhouse feel.

Designer secret: Ikea cabinets don’t get enough credit! Non-ikea hardware throughout really elevated the overall look and tied the look together.


Also the Founding Editor of Underwater New York, Nicki brought her love for her work in to her study with this photoset shot by Nura Qureshi. The 9 objects in the photos were found by Ed Fenuzi, a diver in his mid 80s who has lived in Staten Island his whole life and has been diving the waters around NYC for over 60 years.

Client Loves: “It’s for me!” she laughed, a place all to herself was very important for this mother of two.

A field of wild flowers was the inspiration for this space, Elizabeth happened upon one on vacation during the planning process.


We were able to preserve more of the original charm of this Brooklyn building by restoring the cast-iron clawfoot tub.

This project was also Featured in Design *Sponge and Brownstoner.

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