Picking out a rug can be intimidating for non-designers when considering all the tenets of floor coverings. People tend to either not place very much value on rugs and want them cheap or save up to splurge. We are all too familiar with the perfectionist mantra of “If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right.” Even with a high price tag, don’t negate the fact that rugs are a very affordable way to hold off laying down new floors or refinishing your existing ones and can be a great temporary solution.

There are only a few guidelines you need to follow before making the jump.


Bigger isn’t better in all areas of the home, but the most common mistake we see is a too-small rug. Consider sizing up if it means you’ll be able to get at least the front legs of your sofa and chairs on the rug. In the dining room, you want it under all 4 legs of all of your chairs when they are pulled out. In the bedroom you want all parties to be able to step directly on to the rug no matter where they get out of bed.

Weave and Material:

This is where your habits and lifestyle come in to play. Whether or not you have kids, pets or a regular cleaning service, or if your family is inclined to spills and crumbs should be taken in to account when shopping for a rug. We are partial to wool. It is very durable, many of the vintage and antique rugs you’ll find are made of wool which is a testament to it’s versatility and longevity. Cats and dogs might pull up woven or looped threads so try a cut pile or tight weave in areas the fur babies have access to.


Although we don’t always splurge on floor coverings, we typically prefer an investment piece. Rugs take a lot of time to select and we hope they’ll be around for a while. Still, we understand that each person’s values are different, which is why we’re fortunate to have a variety of price points available to us. Even after the above guidelines narrow down your search, how much you spend on your rug can vary a lot, even with just one vendor. Pause and ponder how long you realistically hope to have the piece. Will your kids or pets inevitably wreck it in 5 years or less? If that is the case, do you want something that will stand the best chance of surviving their mayhem or the trendy thing that you love now, but might not love in 5 years and so are okay with its unavoidable demise? Maybe the extra spent to customize the rug will give the room the “oomph” you need and you can instead save on accessories, which are much easier to replace.

Are you still stuck on rugs and other finishing touches? Contact mercer INTERIOR about available services!

Here are some rugs we love and think you will too!

Rugs Affiliate

  1.  Buffalo Area Rug
  2. Large Mid-Century Samarkand Rug
  3. Diamond Moroccan Style Hand Tufted Wool Kamala Area Rug
  4. Charcoal Gray Shaggy Jute Durban Area Rug
  5. Vintage Kilim Carpet
  6. Line Area Rug from Fili
  7. Geometric Print Rashidi Area Rug
  8. Vintage Kilim Carpet
  9. Geometric Flatweave Jute Obasi Area rug
  10. Vintage Kilim Carpet


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