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Every homeowner knows the hesitations of choosing the place they’ll call home. Is it the right location? Is it zoned for good schools? Does it need repairs? Most homes won’t tick every box on your checklist, but in your gut, you know the right one for you. A prior mercer INTERIOR client, Gail knew her house was a good find, but admitted she needed Elizabeth’s help long before closing day.

Enter problem one: Darkness

Copy of 7.2

The former dining room had dark doors that absorbed light and made the room feel closed-in and closed-off. We relocated the dining room to the area just beyond and removed the doors. Not seen in our images was the wall opposite with a narrow doorway to the living room that we widened to let more light in and connect the spaces. We added a flush mount ceiling light and two swing arm sconces.

The placement of the furniture away from the doorways makes it easier to flow through the space.

Problem Two: Impractical Storage + Dated Materials

Copy of 2.2

The existing glass shelves and other flourishes in the built-ins were dated. With the help of a skilled woodworker, we simplified the look while making them sturdier for more useful storage.

The client didn’t love the existing stone in the mantle. To replace it was prohibitively expensive; the mantle would have to have been removed before removing the stone and new pieces of stone would have to be fabricated, delivered, and installed. Elizabeth instead decided to use a modern palette inspired by the color of the stone proving that sometimes you can take the thing you don’t love and use it a launching point.


Copy of 2

See the full project here

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