All Photos by Emily Gilbert


Graphic Designer and Art Director, Gail Ghezzi, relocated from Brooklyn to Ridgewood, NJ. Accustomed to apartment life where togetherness was a necessity, she didn’t wan to lose having a centralized home. We opened up doorways, even removing doors, to keep those spaces and family members connected and flowing to each other.

Homeowners’ request: Gail assigned a “mood” to each room we designed in the house. She wanted to use her existing chairs and take advantage of Elizabeth’s Mid-Century sensibility to make it work with her Tudor-style home.

The mood she assigned to the living room was “Adult Zen.” Prior to us beginning our work, it was anything but. It was dark and the furniture was the wrong scale, which made it feel cluttered.

Designer secret: Sometimes existing built-in furniture or molding is not to our taste, but we don’t want to completely rip it out, either because of budget or client preference. In this space, we used a skilled carpenter to modify the existing bookshelves and replaced the doors as well as the existing glass shelves with wooden ones.

“Uh-oh” moment: The stone in the fireplace had to stay for budgeting reasons and the client really didn’t like the color. The challenge was to pull together a room that neither highlighted that nor fought it.


The Library was one of the spaces that really blocked the flow of the home. It was dark and had doors on both sides, which we removed and widened the doorways. We used a skilled carpenter to create custom bookshelves with a pull-out shelf for quick-referencing. Cozy chairs were approved by Ozzy the dog!

The Office and Entryway are used on a near-daily basis in this home. Their coat closet became part of a sitting room but had been a few steps too far from the front door anyhow. We designed the entryway to have coat storage in this wardrobe with a bench for putting on shoes and a mirror for last looks.

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