Make Your Home Cozier This Winter

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With rising energy prices set to make your heating bills more expensive than ever, it’s important to do all you can to keep your home feeling cozy and inviting in the winter months. If you work from home, it can be costly to keep the thermostat turned up high during the day. However, there are plenty of cost-effective ways to make your home feel warm and cozy without compromising on style.

Draft Excluders
A cheap and easy way to stop cold air from invading your home is to buy a couple of draft excluders for all the outside doors. Lay them in the doorways and your home will feel instantly warmer. You can find draft stoppers in all kinds of cool colors and patterns and there are handmade options available on sites like Etsy.

Timed Heating
If you’re budget conscious or striving to be more environmentally friendly, turning the heat up every time you feel chilly isn’t a good option. However, you can set your thermostat to timer and have your house warm at the times when it’s really necessary. Most people set theirs to come on in the morning when they are getting up and when they come home from work in the evening. It’s always best to don some extra layers before adding to your heating expenses.

Comfort Factors
A great way to make your home feel cosier in the winter months is to introduce some interesting and touch-able textures to your surroundings. Think fluffy rugs and throws, wooly tartan blankets for the sofa, patterned cushions or beanbags. The lighting in a room is also important for making it look warmer and more inviting. Add small table lamps to make your space feel cosy and intimate.

Get Busy in the Kitchen
Cooking can seriously increase how warm and comfy your house feels in the winter. Start baking and feel the difference in temperature, particularly around the kitchen area. If you have an open plan layout, your living and dining rooms will also receive the benefit of this. Making cookies and cakes is also something that the whole family can be involved in, including younger children.

Wood Burning Stoves
If you’re willing to splash some cash to get the coziest feeling possible in your home, having a wood burning stove installed in an original fireplace is a popular option. Wood stoves are wonderful for giving your house a rustic air and can efficiently heat large rooms. If you’re considering buying a wood burning stove, make sure you follow official safety guidance. You should have your wood stove installed by a professional so you can rest assured that the twin flue pipe is right for your appliance.

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