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Creating Different Styles of Flooring Using Reclaimed Wood
The word on everyone’s lips right now is sustainable. Sustainable building, sustainable clothing and sustainable energy sources. And it’s not just a trend – many hundreds of studies have shown us that, when it comes to living ethically, sustainability is more important than perhaps any other factor.
If you’re thinking about sustainability you’ll probably be wondering how you can apply these principles to your own home. One common method is to incorporate sustainable materials into the overall design of both the structure and interior of your property. And perhaps the most popular product of this sort today is that of reclaimed wood.

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Sustainable and Beautiful
There’s something special about reclaimed wood. The well-worn lines and rich colour is immediately noticeable, and sets it apart from other, newer materials. It’s no wonder that reclaimed wood is preferred by so many people – not only is it sustainable, but it looks pretty amazing too.

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Other Uses for Reclaimed Flooring
The most common way to use reclaimed wood in the home is as flooring, although it works just as well when incorporated into other elements of a home’s design, including furniture, counter tops and bannisters. However, reclaimed wood flooring is something which looks truly magnificent, which is probably why it’s so commonly found in this form.

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Selecting a Style for Your Home

There are many different styles which you can create when using reclaimed wood for your floor. Whereas with more modern types of wooden flooring you can sometimes run the risk of seeing an effect so even that it’s bordering on generic, with reclaimed wood you’ll find that your flooring turns out totally unique, every time. This is because, with reclaimed wood, no two pieces are ever the same.

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The Importance of Character

As with modern wood flooring, reclaimed wood will give allow you to design your floor just the way you want it, in a way that will complement your overall design scheme. You could have light coloured wood, which will perfectly complement a natural colour palette, or you could have dark, heavy wood which will add a touch of drama to any room or hallway. You can also choose what colour wood you would like to have, from blacks, greys and whites to warm reds and soft beige. The choice really is yours! And perhaps the most beautiful thing about reclaimed wood flooring is that it provides so much more than just pleasing aesthetics. Reclaimed wood is about character, and using it in your home will add a depth to your design scheme which would have otherwise been impossible to achieve.

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