Sometimes we spend so much time preparing tasty cuisine for our big holiday meals that we forget to decorate the table. Oops! For the holiday season, the table is the focus of your kitchen/dining area, and making it look special is a must. If your table is looking a little tatty, invest in a new one before the celebrations begin. A solid oak table from somewhere like David Phillips will work wonderfully alongside any décor, and they are sturdy enough to last for years to come. To spruce it up for the festive season, try some of the following ideas to help kick start the ambience of the occasion with your festive table settings and décor.

Humble Thanksgiving

original_Marian-Parsons-Thanksgiving-rustic-organic-table-setting-runner-place-setting-centerpiece-horiz_4x3_lg   DIY-easy-holiday-decoration-Thanksgiving-table-centerpiece-vegetables-and-flowers-1   Unique-Rustic-Christmas-Table-Setting-Votive-White-Candles-On-Small-Stumps-High-And-Low-Moss-Pine-Cones-Decoration-As-Center-Piece

Due to the nature of the occasion, it seems fitting that a Thanksgiving table spread should perhaps not be overly decadent. Instead, consider a table setting that celebrates the humble origins of this holiday. Instead of more colourful or expensive flowers, try trimming cotton plants down to a nice presentable size and have them all along the table. If you like, you can make rustic individual menu cards by printing or even handwriting the various courses on pieces of recycled paper or card. And as far as cutlery and crockery go, keep it as plain and simple as you like.

Christmases Old and New


Christmas is of course a time of great tradition, so many will not wish to divert their table settings too far from the classic festive décor. In truth, you can go either way. If you wish to be more original, there are plenty of options; glass hurricane lanterns filled with silver baubles, a simple pared-down red and white scheme, or bold red placemats for a more modern look. But if, like many, you’d rather stick to holly and the classic Christmas cracker, nobody will hold it against you.

Try Something New


Of course, how you decide to decorate your table for any of these holidays is entirely your choice. But trying a different approach or finding table settings that better compliment the spirit of the season may just earn you the warm and adoration of your guests for ensuring they have a holiday season to remember.

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