In yesterday’s post, we featured some of our favorite products that we saw at ICFF on Monday. Here are more fabulous products from some of the wonderful designers we met during the event!

Bend : Creating chairs, tables, lighting and even animal heads all out of wire! I love the geometric lines that are created within the form of the finished product and what’s not to love about those bright neon colors!




Amuneal : This manufacturing corporation based out of Philadelphia have mastered the art of bespoke custom. They designed this custom Central Park table just for the ICFF show. Make sure to check out their website to see more of their beautiful finished work!





Semihandmade : We were already familiar with Semihandmade before ICFF, but we were so excited to see their work in person and speak with them about all the different possibilities. They offer the same craftsmanship of a custom kitchen at about 30-40% of the cost. Clients buy select cabinets from IKEA and then add customized Semihandmade doors, panels and drawer faces which are measured to fit the cabinet frames from IKEA. Check out their website for more pictures of what they have to offer!



Opiary : This green design studio located in Princeton, New Jersey creates very unique outdoor collections by using cement and styling with moss and other greenery. Check out their website to see their new collection launching in mid-June!




Kohler : Part of their new bathroom collection is a product called Moxie, a shower head and wireless speaker! The speaker attaches in the center of the shower head and syncs to your Bluetooth technology device up to 32 feet away. The beauty of wireless is that it’s not just meant for the shower, you can simply pop out the speaker and play your favorite music anywhere you go. At a very reasonable price point, the Moxie is going to become a necessity for every bathroom!



Meystyle : Not only are their designs and patterns beautiful, but they have a product that I’ve never seen any other company try before – LED wallpaper. Tiny LED lights are incorporated into the material and give off subtle lighting but a huge aesthetic impact. They have a great video on their website that showcases their detailed design process that really shows that this isn’t just wallpaper, it’s an art form. We can’t wait to be able to use their beautiful products in a client’s home!



Gabriel Scott : Everything is geometric and I absolutely love it! The entire collection has such a rich contrast of brass and black steel but my favorite was definitely The Welles cluster pendants. They offer paper models of The Welles to create your own DIY version which I am definitely going to have to try!




Pelle : We have used Pelle in past projects and love the direction they are moving in. We especially love the brass top table in the Quadrat Series.





Alexandra Burr & Allen Slamic : The Lightbracket is a shelf bracket and under shelf light all in one. We love this simplistic design solution and all the bright nylon cord colors it is available in. The Lightbracket is available for purchase through their online shop.



Dunn : A Rhode Island design firm really focused on creating well-designed American products. Our favorite pieces  featured were the slim, brass and tubular bulb Sorenthia Light fixture & the maple and cast aluminum Corliss Chair. We look forward to integrating their products in our client’s homes!



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