This week we wanted to feature some innovative products that could be very useful for your next long camping trip, enjoy!

The Laundry Pod : A Portable Environmentally Friendly Washer

Conventional washers use a lot of power and up to 50 gallons of water with each load. The Laundry POD uses less than 5 gallons of water and ZERO electricity which makes it convenient to bring with you when camping outdoors!

Pocket Shower

This tiny product unfolds to reveal a high performance waterproof reservoir that holds up to ten liters of water. The black fabric allows the sun to warm up the water on a sunny day and includes a 6m anchoring chord for attaching the shower to a tree or your shower prop of choice. This product would definitely come in handy for any outdoor trip!

Green Shopping : Frontier Stove

Not only can you use the Frontier Stove for an outdoor barbecue for a social gathering, but it is also well suited for heating bell tents, tipis, yurts and motor homes! The Frontier packs down neatly after use, and can be easily carried by hand.

Green Shopping : Kelly Kettle

This innovative kettle is perfect for the outdoors and is designed to boil 2.5 pints of water at a remarkable speed. Located on the bottom of the kettle is an area designated for fire fuel such as newspaper and twigs which would create the heat for the kettle to boil water.

Green Shopping : GS2 Gravity Water Filter

Consisting of two containers and a pair of purifying filter cartridges run by two Sugerlite candles; this freestanding stainless steel unit filters water by stripping of bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, organic and other matter. It makes most rain, stream and well water safe and pleasant to drink which makes it a resourceful product to have during camping trips.

Green Shopping : Outdoor Kitchen

A very flexible outdoor cooking set which can be used for anything from boiling a kettle for tea over an open fire on the camping grounds or to serving dinner on the patio at home. This full set consists of a folding jointed tripod, a 6 litre stew pot, a coffee pot, a BBQ grid, a BBQ pan, hanging chains, and a fire pit with legs. Packs down for easy transportation and storage.

Design Buzz : Thermodynamic Cooler

Made of bio-plastics, clay and glass foam, this innovative cooling system doesn’t require electricity and preserves food and fruit by the cooling effect of evaporating water. The product contains two pots, one inside the other, the cooler is filled with wet glass-foam that evaporates to cool the temperature by several degrees and thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, to chill the inner clay pot covered with a damp cloth. The rapid fall in temperature annihilates harmful micro-organisms and preserve the perishable foods for a longer duration.

Home Dosh : Orangin Citrus Squeezer

The Orangin Citrus Squeezer allows you to wake up in the outdoors and still have a nice cup of fresh squeezed orange juice without the electronic juicer! The hand crank orange squeezer is not hard to operate at all. All you have to do is to open the lid, then push the squeezer and insert the crank. After that, insert your sliced orange and start to crank for your fresh juice!

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