Since we’re still enjoying the outdoors, this week we are showcasing some really wonderful designs of geodesic domes, tents, yurts and tipis! Some old fashioned and some reinvented, enjoy!

Architizer : Geodesic Camping Domes

We really love anything and everything geometric, so when we found this beautiful geodesic camping dome we just had to feature it! The interior space is very open and airy, it seems like such a wonderful place to sit, relax and enjoy the view; especially from those beautiful geometric windows!

Architizer : The Inflatable Geodesic Tent

German manufacturer Heimplanet brings you the latest innovation in tent design: ‘The Cave‘. It requires no exterior steel poles to secure it to the ground. Rather, the tent frame itself is inflatable which makes the set-up process much faster and easier! During development, the designers conducted several studies to ensure the product would be extremely durable and capable of withstanding high speed winds so it can serve full functionality.

Tree Hugger : Yurts

A yurt is a traditional dwelling of Central Asian nomads. More than a tent, the yurt is made to resist extreme climates, this circular domed abode is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Easily dismantled, the yurt is portable and self-supporting. Companies like sell Mongolian yurts which are beautifully designed with the highest quality of materials.

Archithings : John Paananen

Not nearly as portable as the others, but still a great design nonetheless; where modern meets tradition. This tipi is made out of contemporary, light-weight materials such as: pvc, timber and polycarbonates. The innovation of this new type of housing combines features not only found in tipis, but also in igloos and yurts. The suburban tipi was installed at Cranbrook Academy of Art’s in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

3 replies on “Camping Luxe : Fabulous Digs

  1. great pictures! by any chance do you know who makes these? specifically the dome featured first in the list (white)?



    1. Thank you Alex! The first dome is a part of Loveland Farm and was designed by Jeff & Kate Griffin. Click on the links for each dome and you will find what product info there is. The first was designed and installed for the farm, so I don’t think it is commercially available but you could contact them to find out.

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