Today we are featuring some uniquely beautiful gardens located all over the world, Enjoy!


Design For A Beautiful Life : Beijing Olympic Forest Park, Beijing

“Built for the 2008 summer Olympic Games, the design of this lush and vast park was governed by the main principles of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui in order to merge natural and artificial elements as seamlessly as possible. The result is perhaps most apparent here, where a man-made lake beautifully surrounds the existing flora. The trees already growing were kept in their original locations, and the lake was dug out around them, isolating the tree clusters as islands, which were later linked by bridges. The effect is surreal, mystical, and enchanting.—Leah Konen”


Design For A Beautiful Life : Francisco Alvarado Park, Zarcero, Costa Rica

“Landscape designer Evangelisto Blanco shaped this dream-like wonderland out of conifer cypress trees in the 1960s. The enchanting park beckons to the young at heart with figures like waltzing elephants, a monkey on a motorcycle, and a crowded bullfight ring. But our favorite is definitely the 16 topiaries that curve to create these eerie and mysterious archways where visitors can wander.—Tory Marlin”


Design For A Beautiful Life : Topiary Gardens at Washington Old Hall, Tyne & Wear, U.K.

This charming lattice pattern appears to curve up and under perfectly, which is a very unique technique you don’t see very often in gardening. This topiary garden is located in the greenery in Washington Old Hall, an English manor house that was an ancestral home of George Washington.


Design For A Beautiful Life : The Overhanging Gardens of Marqueyssac, Vézac, France

Located on a cliff that hangs over a river, the grounds of this French Revolution-era chateau hold 150,000 boxwood trees, artfully organized to create winding pathways and labyrinths for visitors to enjoy. Viewed from above, the beautiful, rounded boxwoods have a cobblestone effect–an enchanting departure from the tailored, geometric lines of many French gardens.


Environmental Graffiti : Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

Based on mathematics and science mixed with nature and man-made lakes, the Garden Cosmic Speculation was built in 1989. It is a private garden built by Charles Jencks and his late wife Maggie in Portrack House, Dumfries, Scotland and has been called by some “the most important garden in the 21st century”.


Heart Shaped Garden : Waltrop, Germany

To show our love for fabulous gardens this last post is a garden located in Waltrop, Germany design in the shape of a heart!


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