Today, we have gathered some unusual hotel designs and destination places you could possible stay or visit on your next vacation. Which location would you be willing to adventure to? Enjoy!

Urlaubs Architektur : The Balancing Barn

We don’t know how Urlaubs Architektur did it, but they managed to create this intriguing design that successfully hangs off the side of a hill. It would personally make me a little nervous being inside of the structure, but it’s design was very well executed! We love the glass floor feature in the living room that allows the visitors to be see the space underneath the suspended house.

Michel Penneman & Oliver Hannaert : Pantone Hotel

The guests of this hotel must be required to love colorful spaces because the entire hotel is bursting with splashes of color everywhere you look! The designers Penneman and Hannaert describe the building as a “hotel of colors”.  It will “awaken your senses to an array of delights and playful surprises. Vivid or subdued, for business or leisure, this unique boutique hotel perfectly suits a savvy palette and colorful imagination.”

Adrian Günter : Iglu-Dorf Engelberg

This igloo hotel built entirely of three thousand tons of snow is considered to be a “small world in white”. There are seven villages of these igloos all over the world, including Andorra, Switzerland and Germany. Each hotel features sculptures of polar bears, arctic wolves, seals and whales hand carved of snow with limited tools. Although the stay would be very chilly, we imagine it would be a beautiful experience as well!

Travelapland : Tree House Hotel

Every kid dreams about having an awesome tree house in their backyard, but now adults can dream to go on vacation in one too! Travelapland features several different tree houses that are available for rent for short stays. Not only are the designs of these structures so beautiful, but how cool would it be to sleep that high off the ground and wake up to amazing views of the forest and mountains?!

The Proposal : Art Residence Hotel

This is not your average bed and breakfast. In Zurich at The Proposal, guests rent a room in this large open white space and during their stay they are exposed to local artists and their exhibitions; perfect for the creative and artsy type! It’s essentially like having the guests sleep in a museum and have the artwork surround them. Not only would this be an interesting place to stay, but where else could you stay and also get a cultural experience without even leaving your hotel?

Pierre Stephane Dumas : Transparent Bubble Rooms

Although these bubbles are not classified as hotels nor permanent locations, it’s a more modern concept of a camping vacation. As discussed previously in our other travel posts, we love the idea of being able to take your home with you. The concept of being able to transport these bubbles wherever your destination (beach, mountains, forest, etc.) is very convenient and simplistic.

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