Travel like an architect or designer! Today we are featuring some of our favorite European travel destinations designed by Urlaubs Architektur. Which one would you want to travel to? Enjoy!

Urlaubs Architektur : Grace Santorini

The views from this modern hotel in Greece are nothing less than breathtaking. Built 300m above sea level, these views will have you never wanting to leave! Not only is the exterior of this location beautiful but the sleek white interior space really allows the natural light to flow into the room, making it brighter and really accentuating the lovely outdoor views.

Urlaubs Architektur : Hofgut Hafnerieten

The Hofgut Hafnerieten has a variety of themed houses on the property, all inspired by the surrounding nature area. By keeping the houses simple on the inside, allows for the outside to become a focal point for the space. We love the open bedroom and bathroom with the tub attached to the back of the bed, especially the floor to ceiling window wall!

Urlaubs Architektur : Terzo di Danciano

Terzo di Danciano is a bed and breakfast located in the eastern part of Tuscany, Italy which consists of old and new architecture. Some of the stone walls throughout the villa date back to the 18th century. This place seems like the perfect relaxing getaway for those who enjoy historical architecture and can appreciate the surrounding Mediterranean gardens throughout the property.

Urlaubs Architektur : Broch of Coigach

Located on a hill on the coast of the Scottish Highlands in Scotland, the Broch of Coigach is a hotel that overlooks this beautiful landscape of steep mountain slopes. The walls are constructed of old stone field walls to resemble the prehistoric roundhouses which are typical of the northwest of Scotland. We love that the structure is built into the side of the mountain, which makes it appear that the nature’s landscape is absorbing this hotel and allows for the guests to really admire the environment around them.

Urlaubs Architektur : Chesa Wazzau

A 17th century house located in Switzerland is renovated into a gorgeous and cozy hotel. By preserving the original character such as the original doors, windows and stone walls, the hotel as an old world charm. But by adding underfloor heating in the bathroom and kitchen, it adds a more modern touch to this historical space. Our favorite feature of this place is the vaulted ceilings with the added antique motifs charm!

Urlaubs Architektur : Casa do Conto

The Casa do Conto, which translates to House of Stories, is exactly that. This hotel located in Porto, Portugal definitely has stories to tell about it’s past. The house was originally built in the 19th century, but was destroyed by a fire after it’s restoration in 2009, days before it’s grand opening. Today, the building has finally finished renovation (again) and transformed into this modern hotel with design features relating to it’s past. For example, the concrete ceilings feature engraved narratives about the city of Porto and the architecture.

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