We’ve gathered some of our favorite renovated vintage trailers to give you inspiration for your next getaway vacation. Enjoy!

eKuazion : Bohemian Sixties Trailer

The sleek white interior shell of this vintage trailer makes the small space actually look larger, and who doesn’t love bright colors for fun accent pieces? We also love the texture and pattern of the shiny metallic counter surface area.

Andreas Stavropoulos : Airstream Life

Airstream renovated into an office and living space? How perfect! We love the idea of being able to “take your home with you” and place it wherever you want, especially if you’re surrounding it with green life such as Andreas did. The contrast between the bright green ceiling and the existing metal is also very nice, because it gives the space a more renovated look without losing the vintage history.

Big Sur Getaway : 1965 Airstream Safari

This renovation showcases a perfect example of “less is more”. By keeping the interior of the Airstream Safari very simple, it visually makes the space larger and more relaxing. We love that the bar countertop area can be multi-functional for a dining area or work surface right next to the cozy chair where you can lounge or read a book!


Rachel Horn : Burning Man 1969 Airstream Renovation

Rachel Horn being an interior designer herself, renovated her very own 1969 Airstream trailer for her trip to Burning Man. Her Moorish design was very well executed by her choices of patterns, textures, textiles and accessories. There isn’t one thing we don’t love about this vintage renovation! Especially the arches found in the headboard design and entryways of the space.

Kevin Fitzsimons : MObi

The interior of most vintage trailers were at some point completely covered in wood paneling. Not a look that is for everyone.  This renovation brings back that design idea in a modern way. We think the curved wrapped around paneling is really beautiful in this space, especially with the strategic lighting highlighting certain areas in the space. We also love the sleek and petite hatbox toilet and linear light fixture used in the bathroom design, which really ties the whole modern design of this renovation together.

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